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steel gauge thickness chart - YouTube | tube gauge chart

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If you were advantageous abundant to abound up about car enthusiasts, you’ve apparently heard your dad, uncle, or brother say, “Nothing wakes up a V-8 like a acceptable set of headers.” And that’s true—few Corvette modifications are as advantageous as installing a acceptable set of pipes.

steel gauge thickness chart - YouTube - tube gauge chart
steel gauge thickness chart – YouTube – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart

And of course, added alone to your header-buying activity is your friends’/forum buddies’ activity for you, as they now get to “advise” you about the “best” headers for your Corvette. Ah, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard, “1-3/4s are absolute for your engine.” (It’s a 283.) Not to beating that attenuate appointment guru, or your SBC-wizard buddy—60 percent of the time, they’re appropriate every time. No, acrimonious the absolute set of headers/performance manifolds is article that you should do. And all it takes is for you to actuate your goals, abridge acceptable intel from trusted sources, analysis your options, and aces your pipes. And what the hell, for this ages we’ll try to ample that “good intel” claim for you.

Let’s alpha with the best arresting advance feature, its primary size. Choosing the primary admeasurement isn’t consistently about acrimonious the bigger option—your agent is a absolute aggregate of air-pushing parts, and abacus appropriately sized pipes is the alone way to add ability and accumulate drivability.

But bethink that a header’s primary length, beneficiary type, accessory length, and accessory bore is important too. Because back all of those factors assignment together, they actualize a “tuned system” that does added than abandon exhaust. It additionally creates burden after-effects that cruise any actual bankrupt from the cylinder. So a acquainted advance arrangement “” the assimilation allegation into the abject afore the consecration achievement alike starts, and does so over a advanced rpm range. That, my friends, is an able and power-producing advance system. And the best allotment is, today’s headers and achievement manifolds account from all-encompassing testing—which maximizes the ability and torque accretion for your hard-earned money.

Header fitment is addition acute factor. Ability potential’s great, but the affair about headers is, you’ve gotta animate with them every day. Theoretically speaking, let’s say that the Lord Our God created the absolute set of headers, afresh anesthetized ’em bottomward to you, Ten Commandments-style. Installed on your Vette they add 300 horses, they trumpet alternating a boss roar, they accomplish all the citizenry of the bounded Sonic tremble. And you rejoice! But back you apprehend that they leak, hit your anatomy and council rack, and don’t accord abundant approval for your angle-plug active … well, you’d apparently dust your teeth and accord with the clunks for a ages to be polite, afresh advertise ’em on eBay. (Our Lord would absolutely architecture The Chosen Headers to bright everything, the agnostic is aloof giving an example-Ed.) In short, your ambition should be to acquisition headers that are aloof as NVH- and leak-free as your banal manifolds.

Finally, there are lots of little capacity that charge to be considered: how’s the actual quality, and finish? Will they affix to a banal bankrupt system? Does it use a crossover? Are calefaction risers and tubes/cats and O2 harnesses used? Is the included accession accouterments aerial affection and complete? And do achievement manifolds absolutely fit aloof like the branch ones do?

It’s a lot to anticipate about, so get started by account the beneath Advance Ambit and Advance Appearance sections. They’ll ample in some blanks so you can accomplish your best from the afterward buyer’s guide. Don’t worry, we’ll accumulate it abbreviate and candied so you don’t get too … exhausted? (Blasphemy and bad puns? Lord, agonize away.-Ed)

Header Dimensions

Headers are generally referred to by their all-embracing length—and typically, the best they are, the bigger they perform. A Corvette with banal manifolds can add ported manifolds, shorty headers, mid-length headers, and affection (aka long-tube) headers. And of course, Corvette headers can be had in rear-exit form, as able-bodied as side-exit agreement for branch side-mount cars. So actuality are the advance ambit that you charge to know:

Primary admeasurement refers to the close bore of anniversary advance tube. In the Chevy V-8 realm, accepted sizes accommodate 1-1/2, 1-5/8, 1-3/4, 1-7/8, and 2 inches. Aloof like aggregate abroad in hot rodding, primaries charge be sized accurately for your agent to accomplish power, while still giving acceptable drivability. For the best performance, you’ll charge to acquisition out your engine’s abject arch bankrupt breeze numbers at aiguille valve lift, afresh accept the appropriate tube admeasurement from the blueprint below.

Street Corvette primary admeasurement ranges:1 1/2-inch primaries for 170 cfm or beneath bankrupt flow1 5/8-inch primaries for 180-200 cfm bankrupt flow1 3/4-inch primaries for 210-240 cfm bankrupt flow1 7/8-inch primaries for 250-275 cfm bankrupt flow2-inch primaries for 280 cfm or added bankrupt flow

*Street/strip Corvettes may account from a one-step beyond primary size, but blockage with the artery advocacy admeasurement won’t aching breeze that much, and will be added acknowledging on the street.

*Race-only Corvettes with about 160-cfm-and-up bankrupt breeze should alpha with the artery advocacy primary admeasurement above, afresh go one primary admeasurement larger: 1-1/2 to 1-5/8 inch, 1-5/8 to 1-3/4 inch, 1-3/4 to 1-7/8 inch, or 1-7/8 to 2 inch.

Most headers accept connected primary sizes, acceptation they use the aforementioned tube bore throughout. However, some activity the advantage of stepped primary sizes—for instance, starting at 1-3/4 afresh activity up to 1-7/8 added bottomward the tube. This is said to advice scavenging and add a little power, abnormally on heavily modded chase engines. But for the majority of artery Vettes with banal or agilely modded engines, it’s a more-expensive architecture that adds little, if any, power.

Primary breadth is the abounding ambit of the primary tube, from the border to the collector. This ambit isn’t the best analytical advance ambit in a Detroit V-8 power-wise, as our two-plane calm crankshafts actualize anyhow spaced (and beneficial) battlefront pulses at the collector. And while a too-short primary breadth can absolutely bead torque output, in general, mid-length or continued primaries aftermath acceptable low- and mid-range torque and power, absolute for street-driven Corvettes.

Secondary breadth is how continued the accessory aqueduct is. Like abounding things in life, a chubby aqueduct isn’t good; a best accessory breadth is actual important for ability and torque production, and absolutely adds torque beneath the curve, too.

Finally, the accessory bore is, uh … the bore of the accessory pipe. From a allocation standpoint, demography your headers’ primary diameter, adding it by 1.8, afresh rounding to the aing number, gives an able accessory bore measurement. Chevy V-8 headers about use a 2-1/2- to 3-inch accessory diameter.

Header Features

The actual acclimated depends on whether you’re ting up headers or achievement manifolds. Headers use animate in capricious grades, including balmy steel, 409 stainless, 304 stainless, and 321 stainless. 409 stainless is aerial quality, but not as rust-resistant as 304 stainless. And 321 stainless is high-end, actual high-temp animate that’s about acclimated in turbocharged applications.

Good-old cast-iron manifolds are still as able-bodied as your mother-in-law’s , no accepting about that. But a few companies do attention porting and border work, which creates manifolds that attending stock, allowance up nice and tight—and breeze abundant to abundantly advance your stock-look ability numbers.

Pipes and Tubing for Oil and Gas: What’s the Difference? – Mark Tool – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart

Tubing array is how blubbery the walls of your headers are. This can alter from the accepted sizes like 18- or 16-gauge, to thicker sizes like 14- and 12-gauge tubing in higher-end headers. The thicker the tubing, the college the quality—and there’s absolutely some debris out there. So pay to do it appropriate the aboriginal time, which can anticipate added spending in the continued run afterwards bargain eBay tubes able on you.

Flange array affairs because advance flanges charge breach beeline to allowance up. And attenuate advance flanges can warp; alarming gaskets and causing blatant bankrupt leaks. Advance flanges can be begin in 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and able-bodied 3/8-inch sizes. Again, the thicker, the better.

If your late-model Vette’s emissions accessories charge breach intact, you can advance the botheration a brace of ways: states with beneath advancing emissions testing alone crave acceptable abandoned affection and no SES light, so you can run long-tube headers with emissions access like air/EGR, and high-flow brownish substrate bodies with continued O2 sensor harnesses. Get retuned to accumulate abandoned affection acceptable and the SES ablaze off, and you’re golden.

However, in ultra-strict testing states like California, your best bet is to install shorty headers with an E.O. number. Some shops will discount long-tubes during the beheld test, but some will ask for E.O. numbers for a cold-air intake. Legally speaking, long-tubes don’t attending stock, and they booty best to get cat temps up during algid starts. We abhorrence to say it, but in the Republic of California, long-tubes are actual acceptable to accord you a abhorrent Groundhog Day of afresh advantageous a testing boutique that’ll ultimately abort you.

A header’s bankrupt anchorage appearance can be annular or D-shaped, and should bout the appearance of your abject head’s bankrupt ports. Advance bankrupt ports can be hardly beyond than the head’s bankrupt port, abrogation added allowance for arch porting.

The beneficiary architecture is artlessly how the primary tubes absorb into the beyond accessory pipe. Aside from high-end “four into two into one” (aka Tri-Y) chase designs that usually won’t fit in a artery car, aftermarket headers about use two types of beneficiary designs: the alongside blazon and the absorb type.

A alongside beneficiary is a architecture breadth four tubes artlessly absorb into one ample accessory pipe. This architecture is simple, time tested, and effective. And a absorb beneficiary additionally turns four tubes into one, but the tubes access a venturi-shaped breadth first, afresh aggrandize into the accessory pipe. Building merge-collector headers takes added work, so they’re generally added expensive, but this architecture about makes added ability and torque beyond a added rpm ambit compared to the alongside design.

A scavenger fasten (or absorb spike) is a metal fasten that can be begin central a header’s collector. It has two purposes: bland out turbulence in the bankrupt breeze as it transitions from the primaries into the beneficiary and to advance bigger bankrupt scavenging. Done right, both advice actualize added power—as able-bodied as a smoother, purer bankrupt sound.

Balance pipes like X-pipes and H-pipes are begin after of the collector. They balance, or equalize, the bankrupt breeze from all of the cylinders by aing the larboard and appropriate bankrupt banks, which helps abate backpressure and access scavenging. This additionally adds power, with an X-pipe authoritative a few added ponies than an H-pipe will. They additionally complete different: an X-pipe is accepted for its high-pitched, alien sound, while an H-pipe has a deeper, able-bodied rumble.

Finishes or coatings are any artefact acclimated to awning bare-steel (or natural) headers. Advance coatings can accommodate approved acrylic (which alone protects adjoin blight until you alpha the engine), and additionally high-temp paint, ceramic, and chrome. For longevity’s sake, your best advance of activity is to accept one of the latter: either accept the architect high-temp paint/ceramic-coat/chrome-coat them, or accept them coated by a acclaimed coater afore you install them. Bowl blanket not alone prevents rust, it additionally lowers underhood temps.

Header Details

Straight- or angled-plug arch affinity is a big detail that you can’t allow to get wrong. Branch Chevy active affection a beeline atom bung design—the plugs appear beeline out, erect to the head—which offers bigger plug/spark bung wire approval with headers. But some over-the-counter GM active and abounding aftermarket active use angled plugs, breadth the plugs sit at an angle. This is done for bigger agitation and hardly bigger performance; however, they accomplish plug/plug cossack approval abundant tighter, and are added big-ticket to “boot.” As headers abide for both straight- and angle-plug heads, the best is yours—just be abiding you adjustment the appropriate affectionate of headers for your arch type.

Engine bay approval is addition big concern. There are several agent apparatus that you charge verify afore you adjustment headers, as a assertive advance appliance can be fabricated in assorted versions to fit assorted year/make/model Corvettes, in both banal and adapted forms. This can accommodate council racks, A/C brackets, and amateur and oil clarify locations. Yet, depending on those variables and your best of header, you still ability charge to accept a primary tube agilely dimpled, or a bracket afflicted (or agilely trimmed) for a absolute fit. If you’ve apparent some agent accolade these days, you’ll accept why that’s not a big deal.

If you’ve done your research, anatomy and bankrupt arrangement approval issues should rarely appear into play. But if they do, you’ll accept to antithesis your animalism for able pipes, with the downside of possibly notching a archetypal Corvette’s anatomy or tweaking its bankrupt system. We’ll leave that boxy alarm to you. And again, the added you analysis and accord with reputable, affection advance companies, the beneath aloft issues you’ll run into.

Most headers/manifolds accommodate accouterments like ts/studs, gaskets, and alike reducers/muffler inserts. But some kits accommodate exceptional accouterments with stainless bandage clamps and Grade 8 basics and ts. If it comes with low-grade stuff, accede application acceptable clamps and hardware, as you alone appetite to do this install once.

And while some accept no coverage, best headers appear with a assurance amid 90 canicule and bound lifetime for the aboriginal buyer. And remember, if you bend, grind, cut, or batter your pipes during an attempted install, you’re gonna be S.O.L. So, you know, be careful.

Two final things: one, don’t use ceramic-coated headers to breach in a new engine, as the accumulation bless can accident the bowl coating. Use bargain headers for break-in, afresh about-face to your coated headers afterwards.

And two, don’t use advance wraps; try to buy headers with a high-heat blanket instead. Wrapped headers can absorb moisture, which will advance acerbic and possibly account cracking.

Header Buyer’s Guide

A Complete Guide to Pipe Sizes and Pipe Schedule – Free Pocket Chart - tube gauge chart
A Complete Guide to Pipe Sizes and Pipe Schedule – Free Pocket Chart – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart

American Antagonism

C7 American Antagonism Headers 1-3/4-inch Long-Tubes

ARH was quick to advance advance systems for the new C7, and they’re said to accept the aforementioned allegorical quality, achievement and fit as all of ARH’s added U.S.-made goodies.

Start by selecting long-tubes with 1-3/4-, 1-7/8- or 2-inch primaries, depending on your akin of modification. Those big tubes advance into 3-inch absorb collectors with scavenger spikes, the ARH-exclusive “X-pipe forward” architecture and your best of bodies or cat-delete tubing. The archetype apparent is the 2014-up 1-7/8-inch adaptation with X-pipe and cats; however, you can save a few bucks and go cat-less if your state’s billow badge aren’t too harsh. (If they are, ask ARH about its Severe Duty 49 State Legal Cats).

Part Number: C7-14178300LSWCPrice: $2,195 ($2,015 after cats)

C7 American Antagonism Headers 1-3/4-inch Emissions-Friendly Mid-Length Headers

If your state’s billow laws are strict, analysis out ARH’s 1-3/4-inch mid-length advance system. The Mid-Length kit allows you to reclaim the accessory set of branch cats, in aggregate with ARH’s Severe Duty 49 State Legal cats. ARH’s cold with this arrangement is to advance achievement considerably, yet annihilate the achievability of an agent ablaze (without a computer tune). This arrangement is a absolute t-in, and appearance 304 stainless steel, 3/8-inch laser-cut flanges with TIG-welded and hand-ported inlets, absorb collectors with scavenger spikes and ball/socket access for a leak-free seal. Expect a quick and accessible install with Grade 8 accouterments and Flat Out Antagonism gaskets.

Part Number: C7-14134300MLWCPrice: $1,895 ($1,345 after cats)

C6 Z06 American Antagonism Headers 1-7/8-inch Long-Tubes

Getting spent bankrupt out of the C6 Z06’s massive 427 is no accessible task, so ARH’s LS7-specific headers advance race-inspired technology to abundantly advance on the banal manifolds. ARH’s abject admeasurement has 1-7/8-inch primaries, forth with 2-inch primaries for applications with all-encompassing agent upgrades. Both sizes affix to 3-inch absorb collectors with scavenger spikes and 3-inch X-pipes with or after high-flow, brownish substrate catalytic converters. High-quality 304 stainless construction, Grade 8 accouterments and Accuseal S/S bandage clamps appear standard—but the appropriate O2 Addendum Harnesses are awash separately.

Note: ARH additionally offers C6/C6 Z06 Chase Headers for 1,000-plus rear-wheel application machines. They abide of 2×2-1/8-inch footfall headers with 3-1/2-inch absorb collectors, which V-band to a 3-1/2-inch H-pipe midsection. The arrangement is absolutely TIG anchored and is advised to handle the rigors of racing.

Part Number: Z06-06178300LSWC/Z0602EXH (Street system)Price: $2,024.96 ($1,829.96 after cats) Allotment Number: ZO6-06200312LSTCNC (Race system)Price: $3295.00 (not accessible with cats)

C5 American Antagonism Headers 1-7/8-inch Continued Tubes

ARH’s C5 systems are accessible with 1-3/4- or 1-7/8-inch primaries—the 1-3/4s will add acceptable ability in banal or near-stock form, and the 1-7/8s will let those antic ability mods appear alive. Already you accept the tube size, baddest 3×3-inch or 3×2-1/2-inch catted or non-catted X-pipe mid-sections and aces emissions-friendly air accessories … or not. Behindhand of those choices, every ARH advance set is bogus application the highest-quality 304 stainless available, and crave no modifications for a stress-free install.

Part Number: C5-01134300LSWCPrice: $1,915.50 ($1,735.50 after cats)

C4 American Antagonism Headers 1-3/4×1-7/8-inch Stepped Continued Tubes

C4 owners, American Antagonism Headers has assuredly answered your call. Now your L98/LT1/LT4 can breathe acutely with a set of 1-3/4-inch or 1-3/4×1-7/8-inch stepped long-tubes. They accommodate thick, 3/8-inch flanges with hand-ported inlets, absorb collectors with scavenger spikes, as able-bodied as a 3- or 2-1/2-inch X-pipe—with or after 200-cell, brownish substrate cats. And of course, the American-made, 304 stainless architecture and affection install accouterments is aloof frosting on the power-gain cake. These pipes will affix anon into 1992-’96 models, will acclimate to 1984-’91 models, and will assignment with straight- or angle-plug heads. Note: Convertibles crave ARH’s 2-1/2-inch X-pipe mid-section.

Part Number: C4-92134300LSTWCPrice: $1,955 ($1,790 after cats)

Brzezinski Antagonism

Needle Gauge Comparison Chart.Boomingshing Medical Devices c ..
Needle Gauge Comparison Chart.Boomingshing Medical Devices c .. | tube gauge chart

Brzezinski Antagonism Products High-Flow 2-1/2 -inch Ram Horn Manifolds

Brzezinski Racing’s ported Ram Horn manifolds are the absolute accommodation amid banal looks and aerial flow. Because aboriginal Ram Horns are difficult to find, these iron-porting specialists alpha with a high-quality alien adaptation of the 2-1/2-inch Corvette ram horn, which offers athletic architecture and a abundant fit. Afresh they CNC-port them from the banal 1.300×1.300-inch (which is abate than best abject arch bankrupt ports), to 1.430×1.430-inch for added flow. Finally, they accomplishment off the modifications with a acceptable bulk of duke porting. The end aftereffect is manifolds that accomplish absolutely like a well-modified set of originals—and a acceptable accord bigger than stockers!

Part Number: 162S-L (left), 162S-R (right)Price: $450/pair ($225 each)

1-5/8-inch Flowtech Ram Horn Bowl Coated Manifolds

Flowtech’s booty on Chevy’s all-over Ram Horn bankrupt assorted appearance smooth-transition, 1-5/8-inch primaries for added bankrupt breeze and bigger burke response, a 3/8-inch-thick, 2-1/2-inch beneficiary for best backbone and blubbery advance border pads for a strong, leak-free seal. And of course, the archetypal block-hugging approval the Ram Horn is accepted for.

Flowtech’s Horns are coated in brownish bowl blanket for best achievement and bargain temperatures, and accommodate exceptional aluminum advance gaskets and accession hardware.

Part Number: 11704-1FLTPrice: $272.66


C3 Hedman 2-inch Big-Block Bowl Coated Artery Headers

1965-’74 Corvettes with 396- to 502-inch big-blocks will breathe accessible with Hedman’s big-block headers. These full-length, rear-exit units use giant, 2-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors to accommodate best Rat application and torque. And the 1/4-inch border array and brawl and atrium beneficiary border accumulate all that spent bankrupt headed for the exits.

While an uncoated adaptation is available, this allotment cardinal is acid Hedman’s HTC argent ceramic, which protects them up to 1,400 degrees and is affirmed for bristles years. There’s a Atramentous Maxx atramentous bowl version, too.

Note: several 50-state-legal versions (#D167-33) for A.I.R. and Non-A.I.R. able cartage are additionally accessible for big-blocks: A.I.R. models accommodate 68091 (uncoated), 66891 (silver ceramic) and 63193 (black ceramic); Non-A.I.R. models accommodate 68097 (uncoated), 66897 (silver ceramic) and 63097 (black ceramic).

Part Number: 68096Price: $509.97

C3 Hedman 1-5/8-inch Standard-Duty Uncoated Ancillary Pipes

Small-block-powered, side-pipe-equipped 1963-’82 Corvettes can account from Hedman’s 50-state-legal Ancillary Aqueduct bankrupt system. They absorb arbor bent, 1-5/8-inch primaries that avenue through Hedman’s accepted 3-inch brawl and atrium collectors, which face apparent for hassle-free angle up to your branch ancillary pipes. These headers are accordant with automated and chiral floor-mount transmissions, and the architecture provides able tube approval for use with aluminum Chevy angle-plug heads.

These pipes backpack E.O. #D167-33, accept preinstalled A.I.R. tubes, and accommodate a hot air kit, calefaction riser valve adapter, gaskets and ascent ts. This aforementioned tube agreement is additionally accessible after A.I.R. tubes and in a array of bowl finishes.

Non-A.I.R. models accommodate allotment numbers 68280 (uncoated), 68286 (HTC argent bowl coated) and 68283 (Black Maxx bowl coated). A.I.R. models accommodate allotment numbers 68281 (uncoated), 66281 (HTC coated) and 63383 (Black Maxx coated).

Part Number: 68281Price: $269.97

Seriously Steel Tube Gauge to Mm Stainless Steel Gauge Chart Gauge ..
Seriously Steel Tube Gauge to Mm Stainless Steel Gauge Chart Gauge .. | tube gauge chart

C2/C3 1-5/8-Inch Hooker Competition Ceramic-Coated Long-Tubes

These 1-5/8-inch Hooker Competition headers accord mild, 1955-’82 artery Vettes a kick. Fabricated of mandrel-bent, 16-gauge balmy animate tubing, these failing pipes advance a long-transition beneficiary to abate backpressure and access bankrupt flow. Additionally, the 5/16-inch machined flanges acquaintance to your active for leak-free love. And they’re bowl coated for bargain temperatures and continued life.

They’ll assignment with your ability steering, ability brakes and air conditioning, and appear with all all-important hardware. Dimensions: 1-5/8 tube admeasurement by 24 inches, 3-inch beneficiary size, 8-inch beneficiary length, anchorage appearance aforementioned as arch port.

Part Number: 2456-1HKRPrice: $404.96

C2 1-3/4-Inch Hooker Super Competition Painted Long-Tubes

Heavily adapted 1955-’62 Vettes with up to 400 cubes can account from Hooker Super Competition headers, which accomplish big ability and put it at the optimum point in the ability curve. They do it with 1-3/4-inch, tuned-length primary tubes for best bankrupt scavenging and velocity, and a long-transition beneficiary for ultra-low backpressure. These pipes are fabricated of 18-gauge animate for ablaze weight and are arbor angled for bland bankrupt flow. And of course, the 5/16-inch machined flanges accumulate aggregate closed up.

Factor in the high-temp atramentous paint, and it after-effects in a analgesic set of pipes that’ll add acceptable power, fit able-bodied and not breach the bank. Dimensions: 1-3/4 tube admeasurement by 28 inches, 3-inch beneficiary size, 8-inch beneficiary length, anchorage appearance aforementioned as arch port.

Part Number: 2108HKRPrice: $457.16

C3 1-3/4-Inch Hooker Super Competition Bowl Coated Long-Tubes

These C3 Super Comps accept the aforementioned appearance as the C2 adaptation above—1-3/4-inch primary size, 3-inch beneficiary size, 5/16-inch machined flanges, 18-gauge tubing—but with a 25-inch all-embracing breadth and a 10-inch beneficiary length. Expect abundant achievement from the mandrel-bent, tuned-length pipes and the long-transition collector, and a minimum of accession expletives acknowledgment to a acceptable fit and affection hardware.

And while a basal black-painted adaptation of these 1-3/4-inch C3 tubes exists (try PN 2134-HKR), these 1963-’82 Super Comps are coated with Argent Brownish Bowl for abiding looks and performance.

Part Number: 2134-1HKRPrice: $457.16

C6 1-7/8-Inch Hooker Blackheart Accustomed Stainless Long-Tubes

These Blackheart long-tubes are congenital to do one thing: let your big-inch 2005-’13 Vette breathe. Duke anchored from lightweight, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel, Blackheart headers amalgamate 1-7/8-inch, mandrel-bent tubes with 3-inch, high-flow, merge-speared, long-transition collectors to actualize max breeze and big velocity. Huge bankrupt breeze is great, but Blackhearts additionally accommodate acceptable agent basic and arena approval as well. And the 3/8-inch-thick, laser-cut flanges are said to be strong, and leak- and warp-resistant, too.

Combined with adhering hardware, O2 sensor addendum harnesses and a manufacturer’s bound lifetime warranty, and these natural-finish pipes are one hell of a acceptable deal.

Part Number: 70101317-RHKRPrice: $719.96

C6 1-3/4-Inch Hooker Blackheart Accustomed Stainless Shorty Header

If you appetite to advancement your banal C6 manifolds but charge to breach CARB-legal, Blackheart’s t-on 1-3/4-inch shorty headers are a abundant option. Despite their hardly abate primary size, these pipes are congenital with 18-gauge 304 stainless, still advance 3-inch absorb collectors and absorb the leak-resistant 3/8-inch flanges. And their tuned-length primary tubes acquaintance with true-mitered absorb collectors to aerate bankrupt acceleration and scavenging, consistent in a ample torque curve. In fact, they’re said to add up to 15 horses and 14 lb-ft of torque—while application your branch cats.

Aluminum Tube: Aluminum Tube Gauge Chart - tube gauge chart
Aluminum Tube: Aluminum Tube Gauge Chart – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart

All all-important accession accouterments and O2 extensions are included for an accessible install, and they backpack a manufacturer’s bound lifetime warranty. CARB EO pending.

Part Number: 70301303-RHKRPrice: $674.96


C1 1955-’62 McJacks 1-3/4-Inch Small-Block Ceramic/Copper Coated Header

If you own a 1955-’62 Corvette and appetite to alter your abrupt old Ram Horns, booty a attending at McJacks’ absolute backup headers. These 16-gauge tubes accept a 1-3/4-inch bore that, accumulated with 2-1/2-inch collectors, will abundantly address your OEM manifolds. Developed and congenital in-house, these patented pipes activity aloft fit and a high-temp ceramic/copper blanket and are congenital with a 3/8-inch, laser-cut bracket for architect mounting!

Part Number: SBCC13425GPrice: $795

C3 1965-’69 McJacks 2-Inch Big-Block Ceramic/Copper Coated Header

McJacks has a solid acceptability for direct-fit headers that don’t crave acid or adjustment for a absolute fit. In fact, its big-inch versions are accustomed as “easy” to install—a adventurous account breadth big-block Vette headers are concerned.

Built for 1965-’69 Corvettes with 396, 427, 454 or 502 big-blocks, these handmade McJacks headers anon alter your branch cast-iron manifolds. They advance 2-inch primaries that augment into 2-1/2-inch collectors, which allows these pipes to calmly handle whatever your Rat throws at them.

They’re congenital application 16-gauge tubing and laser-cut 3/8-inch flanges, and afresh bowl and nut coated for longevity, blight aishment and calefaction insulation. And best of all, behindhand of whether your Vette is an auto or manual, your new headers bright the council box, A-arms, framerails, idler arm, A/C boxes and clamp jack shaft.

Part Number: BBCC2X256569Price: $795.00

C3 ’70-74 McJacks 2-Inch Big-Block Ceramic/Copper Coated Header

McJacks additionally offers this version, for 1970-74 big-block Corvettes. It retains the aforementioned 2-inch primary admeasurement and 2-1/2-inch beneficiary admeasurement for alarming flow. But McJacks additionally states that these pipes will fit any big-block-equipped 1963-82 Vette as well.

Part Number: BBCC2X2156382Price: $795.00


C2/C3 Sanderson 1-5/8-inch Small Block Header

Sanderson Headers is accepted for tight-fitting, gasket-free Chevy headers. And this archetypal can fit in a boatload of Chevy vehicles—including 1955-’82 Corvettes. It’s congenital application 16-gauge steel, and appearance 1-5/8-inch primaries and 3-inch collectors, which makes it absolute for all but the best aitionist SBC engines. These headers additionally use a patented 3/8-inch border thickness, which allows them to allowance up with annihilation but some high-temp silicone.

Regarding fitment, they’ll bright any motor mounts, tie rods, amateur or auto (save for cast-iron Powerglides.) It’ll additionally fit any rack-and-pinion, including Vega council and any Mustang-style army council that is army with 2 inches of approval from the council accessory to the driver-side centermost ports. And it comes with all accouterments all-important for installation, including ts and a beneficiary reducer. While plain-steel versions are actual affordable, Sanderson recommends their alternative aluminized bowl blanket with all advance purchases.

Part Number: CC1_158Price: $445

Metal Gauge and Metal Weight Chart - tube gauge chart
Metal Gauge and Metal Weight Chart – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart

C2/C3 Sanderson 1-7/8-inch Big-Block Header

You 396-, 454- and 502-inch big-block owners can t up added application with these Sanderson tubes. Like the aloft small-block pipes, they’re additionally congenital with 16-gauge animate and 3-inch collectors, admitting the primaries are a whopping 1-7/8-inch bore to let that Mark IV/V breathe with ease. And of course, Sanderson’s unique, patented 3/8-inch-thick border seals ’em up with annihilation but some high-temp silicone. And they’re additionally accessible bald or black—but you should bounce for the bowl blanket for longevity’s sake.

Part Number: BB5Price: $535

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BWG CHART - METRIC - EGI - Krais - Curtiss Wright - Airetool® - tube gauge chart
BWG CHART – METRIC – EGI – Krais – Curtiss Wright – Airetool® – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart


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12 Beautiful Tubing Wall Thickness Gauge Chart – Free Chart .. | tube gauge chart
Tube Gauge Chart | Pipe gauge chart | Tubing gauge chart | - tube gauge chart
Tube Gauge Chart | Pipe gauge chart | Tubing gauge chart | – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart
Highest Quality Hypodermic Tubing Products from Eagle Stainless - tube gauge chart
Highest Quality Hypodermic Tubing Products from Eagle Stainless – tube gauge chart | tube gauge chart

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