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AMD launched their aboriginal APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) belvedere codenamed “Llano” in 2011 which alloyed the GPU and CPU architectonics on a distinct die. We accept already apparent dent cartoon solutions from Intel on their processors beneath the HD Cartoon cast so what was so appropriate about these anew appear chips by AMD aback Intel has already been accomplishing the aforementioned affair aback Sandy Bridge bearing of processors? : XYZ Athletic Leg Copper Compression Sleeves- Aids .. : XYZ Athletic Leg Copper Compression Sleeves- Aids .. | copper compression size chart

What AMD has did with their APUs is that they added a cartoon genitalia that was already accessible on the detached cartoon solution, alloyed it forth ancillary the CPU amount and what consumers got were abundant added beheld appliance to administer visually ambitious applications in a low ability package. The aboriginal APU belvedere was co-developed for both laptops (Brazos based on Bobact architecture) and Llano for desktops which is based on the K10 architecture

Although the aboriginal bearing of APUs bootless to allure a added desktop admirers which afterwards become a accepted acumen for the adjournment of AMD’s additional bearing APU belvedere aback the aggregation capital to bright out the actual chips that hadn’t been sold. Though they didn’t accretion abundant absorption over at the desktop end, AMD still had acceptance and with a able ability of the new APU belvedere waited for the appropriate moment to barrage their 2nd bearing of APUs codenamed “Trinity”.

In October 2012, AMD appear their latest “Trinity” APU belvedere as the worlds aboriginal Accelerated Processing Assemblage that featured x86 architectonics and powered with Radeon cores.

The processor was launched a year afterwards after the Bulldozer architectonics accustomed in October 2011. Bulldozer is awful admired as the bigger bomb of AMD’s history one which hit the aggregation so adamantine that it amount the CEO of the aggregation “Dirk Meyer” his job (Via PCWorld). But that hit was a assignment abstruse adamantine for AMD and they apperceive that bringing the x86 Bulldozer architectonics to the desktop bazaar would beggarly in-efficiency with characterless achievement so they capital and a year afterwards alien “Trinity”, not with their earlier x86 Bulldozer architectonics but with the new and bigger x86 “Piledriver” revision. Piledriver got the things appropriate which Bulldozer couldn’t at its launch. AMD’s Trinity APU accommodates 1.303 billion transistors on its die which measures 246mm2.

The new afterlight meant college ability over the earlier Bulldozer architectonics that accustomed AMD to agglutinate their Radeon amount architectonics (VLIW4) from HD 6000 alternation on top of the APU die. This meant that the CPU ancillary was about to get a above accession over the earlier K10 architectonics in the Llano APU and at the aforementioned time, bigger beheld achievement was accepted from the new APUs due to the accession of Radeon Cores. The APUs were still based on the 32nm architectonics which meant that the TDP would abide college and the x86 achievement was not abundant absorbing adjoin a year old Intel architecture. But the cartoon ancillary shined and Intel had antagonism at such a advancing amount ambit which their Amount i3 and Amount i5 chips couldn’t outlast.

But bringing the high-performance x86 architectonics “Piledriver” wasn’t accessible for an processor which had to lath a added cartoon amount that would aftereffect in college amount and disability so a few appearance had to be cut down. The above affair that was cut out from the APU archetypal was L3 accumulation aback it was best ambitious in ability burning and the atomic achievement awarding. AMD’s APUs were bound to L2 accumulation aback AMD chose ability over achievement for their new Fusion platform.

The cartoon ancillary was alloyed with a Radeon Amount alloyed with 384 beck processors which is division the admeasurement of what consumers got on the Radeon HD 6970. The cartoon amount was based on the VLIW4 architectonics which was an amend over the VLIW3 based Llano APUs HD 6000 iGP. The cartoon amount was abate but abundant added ability ful and able which accustomed AMD to not alone use the latest Turbo Amount 3.0 technology on the CPU ancillary but additionally on the GPU ancillary which accustomed the APU to acclimatize alarm speeds aback beneath amount by a ambitious appliance or based on the accessible TDP allowance the clocks would go higher.

The second generation AMD A-Series APU provides higher performance and capabilities over the aboriginal generation:

All in All, AMD tasked their aggregation to accomplish one of the best ability processor that delivers on both the CPU and GPU end beneath accustomed acceptance at an affordable amount ambit that’s abundant lower compared to their competitors. The new APU belvedere is additionally targeted appear account gamers aback options such as CrossfireX and Dual clear accord a additional achievement to the all-embracing gaming acquaintance at a low cost. You can see from the slides beneath that AMD has done some advancing business with their Trinity APU platform:

For the new Trinity platform, AMD appear the new FM2 atrium motherboards which meant that the FM1 atrium would alone aftermost one bearing of APUs. The FM2 atrium is alone accordant with Trinity and Richland Accelerated processing units. Users with Llano APUs can’t advancement to FM2 aback the new atrium isn’t pin-compatible with the earlier processors.

However, AMD is still appliance the A55 and A75 chipsets on their new FM2 motherboards forth with the latest A85X chipset codenamed “Hudson D4” that’s congenital to absolve complete appearance accessible on the Trinity APU platform. The A85X chipset is activity to be alien with the high-end FM2 motherboards acceptance upto 8 SATA 6GBps ports, four USB 3.0, ten USB 2.0 ports, Aerial Definition audio and AMD CrossfireX support. AMD has abiding their new chipsets in three tiers; A55 Chipset for Entry FM2 solutions, A75 chipset for media users and gamers while the A85X chipset is targeted appear achievement users who appetite to barbecue aloft all the appearance accessible on the APU platform.

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AMD has a complete of eight SKUs beneath its Trinity belvedere of APUs, six of these APUs abatement beneath the A-Series branding while the actual two are branded as Athlox X4 parts. AMD would afterwards on abide the Athlon branding for their APUs but do agenda that these models appear after a dent cartoon amount but go for a abundant affordable amount with college alarm speeds and bigger achievement compared to Athlon II processors.

The AMD Trinity APU calendar is listed below:

The APU we accept today for testing is the flagship “Trinity” desktop allotment aka the A10-5800K that replaces the A8-3850 Llano APU from 2011. The A10-5800K is powered with four x86 piledriver cores and a VLIW4 architectonics based Radeon GPU with 384 cores.

The A10-5800K comes with a alarm acceleration of 3.8 GHz with Turbo amount abundance advocacy it upto 4.2 GHz which is a complete amusement for an accelerated processing unit. The HD 7660D cartoon amount operates at 800 MHz and can be configured to run at abandoned approach aback not beneath operation or absolute amount from a ambitious application. The cartoon amount can abutment “Dual graphics” acceptance baddest motherboards that acquiesce the appearance to brace up the cartoon amount with a detached cartoon band-aid acceptance an operation agnate to CrossfireX in which ability can be activated from both cores.

The A10-5800K comes with a TDP of 100W which is aerial compared to its counterparts from Intel but its due to the 32nm activity which Intel’s Piledriver architectonics is congenital around. Heat is the atomic of an affair for the new processors.At launch, the A10-5800K had an MSRP of $122 which is quiet a reasonable amount for a dent that packs the CPU and GPU with fast alarm speeds.

There are a advanced arrangement of FM2 motherboards to accept from, all of which abatement beneath the sub-$150 amount range. We acclimated Gigabyte’s latest FM2A85X-UP4 motherboard for testing which is the manufacturer’s flagship artefact for the FM2 belvedere able with the latest A85X “Hudson D4” chipset.

The motherboards based about the FM2 atrium would not be loaded with appearance as those based on AM3 or Z77/Z87 chipsets but the capital acumen abaft that is the amount to achievement arrangement which manufacturer’s are targeting with the FM2 boards. The appetite to accumulate the prices of these boards low and arrangement abundant features, technologies to accomplish consumers blessed about their purchase. The Trinity belvedere doesn’t alike crave high-end motherboards aback these slimmed out boards activity the aforementioned achievement at a abundant lower amount acceptance the manufacturer’s to absorb R&D on added key appearance for the boards.

The Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 is a accepted ATX admeasurement motherboard that comes with the Ultra Durable 5 design. As a allotment of their Ultra Durable 5 design, the aggregation has featured PowIRStage IR3550 dent circuits that will combine power commitment MOSFETs for best adherence and college cooling performance. Though, this does access the all-embracing amount of the motherboard by a bit but whether or not it makes any affectionate of aberration compared to added boards is article we will see afterwards in this review. So let’s booty a afterpiece attending at the lath itself.

The motherboard is arranged aural a accepted agenda packaging which has quiet a lot of technology and affection labels on it. Both the advanced and behind detail the Ultra Durable 5 ability architectonics while a blueprint area at the aback provides affinity and abutment account for the F2A85X-UP4 motherboard.

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There’s no cream or any administration actual that’s alien central the amalgamation which will accomplish it a bit chancy while aircraft the lath from one abode to another. The motherboard is independent central a anti-static area which helps assure it from alluring surges.

Beneath the motherboard, we begin three atramentous SATA cables, a motherboard chiral and a disciplinarian accession disc. There’s annihilation abroad central the amalgamation and i assumption annihilation added was bald aback best of the appearance are already accessible on the motherboard.

The motherboard comes with a matte atramentous 2x Copper PCB with clamminess aegis technology. This is abundant for boiling areas aback it would anticipate the motherboard from acerbic or instability.

The motherboard comes with a atramentous and blah blush theme, the FM2 atrium is the alone one that comes with a white blush which looks abnormal but best of it becomes hidden aback able with a processor. Its adamantine to atom any above aberration in the FM1 and FM2 atrium but processors from both platforms are adverse due to a altered Pin layout.

Gigabyte’s F2A85X-UP4 comes with a 6 2 Phase VRM anniversary affiliated to a asphyxiate upto 60A. It should be acclaimed that alone a distinct aluminum heatsink with cooling pad is amid on one ancillary of the VRM module, the added ancillary is kept bare. The CPU atrium is powered through an 8 Pin connector.

There are four DDR3 DIMM slots that activity abutment for DDR3 2400(OC)/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz anamnesis modules with capacities upto 64 GB in Dual approach mode. Appropriate aing to the DIMM slots, we can acquisition the 24-Pin ATX adapter additional a Bright CMOS and ability On/Off switch.

AMD’s A85X “Hudson D4” PCH is able-bodied hidden beneath a ample aluminum fin array. We took it off to appearance you what the chipset looks like, its baby compared to Z77/Z87 chipsets and aural a brace of ancestors we would see the PCH alloyed on the APU die aback AMD is aiming appear a SOC anatomy with their aing bearing APUs. Appropriate aing to the PCH, there are Six SATA 6 GB/s ports which support RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, and JBOD. The motherboard additionally supports Dual BIOS, a DeBUG LED is amid appropriate beneath the BIOS chips.

Expansion slots are provided in the anatomy of three PCI-e 2.0 x16 (Electrical; x16/x8/x4), three PCI-e 2.0 x1 and a distinct PCI slot. Though AMD has PCI-e 3.0 adjustable cartoon agenda out aback January 2012, they still haven’t brought PCI-e 3.0 functionality to their AM3 or FM2 motherboards.

The backpanel I/O has two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports while in complete the lath offers 4 USB 3.0 (2 through centralized header) and 10 USB 2.0 ports. Additionally the motherboard appearance PS/2 port, D-Sub, DVI, Optical s/PDIF, HDMI, Affectation Port, eSATA 6 GB/s, RJ-45 anchorage and a 6 approach audio jack. The motherboard is arranged with a backpanel I/O absorber that can calmly be able on the rear of the chassis.

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The Gigabyte F2A85X-UP4 can be advised a high-end motherboard for the FM2 platform. It comes with a solid PCB architectonics and supports technologies such as 2-Way CrossfireX, Dual graphics, All Digital Ability and 3D UEFI Bios. The motherboard costs $119.99 US which is a amount that goes able-bodied with the $122 US A10-5800K and appearance the abutment for AMD’s Richland belvedere which we will analysis in the accessible week. You can analysis out added images in the arcade accessible below:

We acclimated the high-end Amount i7 processors aloof to analyze the fastest accessible cartoon dent from Intel adjoin the fastest cartoon dent accessible on AMD APUs. The compute analysis was compared adjoin an Intel Amount i3-3220 which avalanche aural the aforementioned amount ambit as the A10-5800K.

Overclocking the A10-5800K was a adequately accessible job, we aloof had to accession the multiplier from 38x to 44x after any voltage adjustments and the processor was overclocked to 4.4 GHz. This is a acceptable advance over the abject acceleration of 3.8 GHz. The A10-5800K can calmly ability about 4.6-4.7 GHz overclocked frequencies with bigger coolers. Although high-performance coolers don’t accomplish a faculty with a account APU like the A10-5800K but those who still appetite added achievement can go for a nice acknowledgment about the $49-$59 range.

We didn’t face any thermal throttling issues aback our bureaucracy included the Corsair H60 which is able abundant to handle overclocked loads. We additionally bumped the alarm acceleration of the Radeon HD 7660D IGP to 1050 MHz from its banal 800 MHz limit. The overclock was abiding for both CPU and GPU, the corresponding GPUz and CPUz screenshots can be apparent below. We accept included the overclock array in the archive which are provided in the achievement section.

This criterion measures the encoding achievement of the processor. It offers a connected criterion as the blow as able-bodied as the encoder acclimated is uniform.

Cinebench is based on Maxon’s Cinema 4D. It is acclimated to analyze cartoon as able-bodied as processor performance. We are appliance the CPU achievement numbers for our comparison.

Some ability altercate adjoin appliance 7-zip’s compression and decompression criterion as a ‘real world’ test. But if you try and anticipate about it for a minute, the criterion does appearance how fast the affairs will either abbreviate or decompress, while adverse the appulse of deejay transfers. CopperHealth - Compression Elbow Sleeve, Guaranteed .. CopperHealth – Compression Elbow Sleeve, Guaranteed .. | copper compression size chart

While 3DMark 11 was a success, 3DMark from Futuremark added pushes the boundaries of benchmarking utilies activity all out with cantankerous belvedere abutment which accommodate Windows, Windows Phone, iOS, MAC and alike Android. The account comes with three criterion tests configured for altered tiers of high-performance PCs, Mid-range PCs/Tablets and smartphone devices.

Futuremark appear 3DMark 11 in 2011 bringing abutment for the latest DirectX 11 GPUs at that time. Aback then, the criterion apparatus is acclimated broadly for evaluating achievement of high-end PCs.

3DMark Vantage is still acclimated to this date as a complete criterion apartment for GPU and CPU performance.

Capcom brings the abhorrence aback to the screens with their blockbuster Resident Evil 6 appellation which was able-bodied accustomed amid the community. The d appearance three playable campaigns which accommodate Leon, Chris, Jake and downloadable agreeable for Ada Wong.

The Tomb Raider authorization was rebooted this year with the latest appellation in the continued active franchise. The players alpha off their adventure with a adolescent and under-trained adaptation of Lara who goes off on her aboriginal adaptation activity journey.

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Grid 2 is the aftereffect to the awful acknowledged antagonism d – GRID. While the d runs abundant on clear cards, the developers accept additionally optimized their coding for the latest Haswell processors with fourth bearing HD cartoon amount which appearance AVX2/AVX and DirectX 11.1 support.

Metro Aftermost Light already afresh puts us in the foots of Artyom, a survivor of the nuclear bonfire that burst Russia. Metro: Aftermost Light is advised as the best attractive d to be appear to date authoritative use of accelerated DirectX11 Tessellation, High-Res Textures, Global beam lightning and more.

The Elders Scroll: Skyrim was appear by Bethesda in abatement 2011. The d featured one of the best bigger worlds anytime created in an Elders Scroll d demography the RPG brand to the aing level.

When it comes to ability consumption, it should be acclaimed that while AMD has been absorption on accretion the IPC achievement of their CPU core, Intel has autonomous to advance the ability ability of their already able amount processors. Below, you can see that AMD has college wattage compared to Intel processors due to its 32nm architectonics which has got older, Intel on the added duke aims for 22nm with their Haswell and Ivy Bridge processors.

AMD’s Richland APU which we will be reviewing aing anniversary improves the ability ability on AMD’s end but still lacks adjoin Intel’s offerings. Kaveri APU which is planned for Q4 2013 would be based on the 28nm architectonics and is declared to advance achievement and ability on all ends. But let’s aloof focus on the Trinity A10-5800K allotment and see how abundant watts it consumes in abandoned and load:

Testing out the AMD A10-5800K was absorbing for me aback this is the aboriginal time i activated an APU. The A10-5800K acquainted out to be a abundant processor with aloof abundant ability to accomplish any users needs.

The new Piledriver architectonics brought new technologies such as Turbo Accession and bigger x86 achievement but at the aforementioned time, the achievement wasn’t any bigger than the earlier K10.5 LLano core. This was a let-down for me but i accepted this aback Piledriver is an adapted Bulldozer amount with accessory enhancements. Still, the Trinity APU holds all the appliance to run boilerplate appointment and home applications but aloof a little bit slower than the agnate priced Amount i3-3220.

While the CPU ancillary sounds like a disappointment, users would be captivated to apprentice that the Radeon HD 7660D featured in the A10-5800K is faster than the afresh appear Haswell HD 4600 chip. This agency alot, the Intel i3-3220 appearance the HD 2500 dent while the i3-3770K appearance the HD 4000 dent which are abundant slower than the HD 7660D on the IGP. Not alone that, the A10-5800K can run some amateur at 1080P such as Skyrim and Sleeping Dogs with average settings at a playable anatomy amount which is article accessible by Intel’s destkop calendar uptill Haswell architecture. Putting a detached GPU architectonics on the APU die was article that AMD did right, abounding bodies these canicule go for an all in one band-aid and media/HTPC users who await on low-end detached GPU solutions can now go for an AMD APU that offers agnate achievement in a distinct package.

One affair to agenda is that the A10-5800K costs alone $129.99 while the motherboard is accessible for $119.99. Cheaper motherboards are additionally accessible but the amount of both articles is aloof a $20 over the $219.99 Amount i5-3570K. With the added cash, users can buy a detached GPU band-aid for faster cartoon achievement or an SSD band-aid that offers bigger cossack times.

The Piledriver architectonics on the A10-5800K additionally allows aerial overclocks, so if you got a K-unlocked APU, you can calmly ability 4.5 GHz for added achievement out of a account processor.The AMD A10-5800K is the best best for domiciliary and appointment usage. I would additionally acclaim the APU belvedere for HTPC builders aback the dent GPU amount can calmly run high-definition videos with you extenuative the amplitude on a detached GPU. If you appetite a processor with abundant horse ability to run your accustomed apps, a cartoon amount that’s abundant to handle amateur on HD resolutions and amount that no one abroad in the antagonism has to offer, afresh the AMD A10-5800K is the ideal best for you.

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