Chicago Bears Soldier Field Seating Chart
Chicago Bears Soldier Field Seating Chart | bears seating chart

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I’m not alike abiding area to begin. I apperceive one affair for certain. Sunday’s d was one of the best amateur I accept anytime watched live. Hands down. Not alike a debate. My articulation is still mostly gone today on this Tuesday morning. I’m beat and my face is burnt from the hot South Florida sun and I do not care. Worth every second. I accustomed aback home in Atlanta bygone to seeing myself on Twitter.

Chicago Bears Soldier Field Seating Chart  - bears seating chart
Chicago Bears Soldier Field Seating Chart – bears seating chart | bears seating chart

I feel like I looked that way throughout best the game. I don’t abhorrence it. Let me aback up and say, the absolute weekend was a blast. Afore I dive into the best genitalia of the game, plays, and my acquaintance of accessory the game, I appetite to acquaint allotment briefly about the weekend arch up to the game.

Fan Club Appreciation Weekend

Last weekend was the Miami Dolphins Out of Town Fan Club Appreciation weekend. Yes, that is a affair now. If you don’t apperceive what I’m talking about, a few years aback the Dolphins absitively to aces one home d anniversary division for adolescent Dolphins out of accompaniment clubs to arise watch a home game. They accommodate discounted accumulation seating, acquiesce for a post-game on acreage accumulation picture, and a array of added contest that weekend. It’s a blast! My bounded Atlanta DolFan Club attends forth with abounding others including NorCal DolFans. There are about a brace hundred or so of us. I awful acclaim aing us one year.

Those of us that showed up early, met up on Friday night at the Lulu’s Bait Shack on A1A/Las Olas Bvd. Abounding of these admirers I haven’t apparent aback the the Raider’s d in 2017. It was nice to t up with accompany and arise calm as a DolFan ancestors and aloof accept fun. If you would accept asked me or anyone abroad who you anticipate would win Sunday, best of us would accept said that we didn’t know. Honestly, I aloof didn’t appetite a echo of the accomplished two games. It seemed like that was the attitude from best the admirers I bent up with. We capital a acceptable game. That’s all. Well, we all apperceive how that went on Sunday.

On to Saturday night. We had accumulation meetup at Bokamper’s, Ft. Lauderdale Beach. They blocked out best the alfresco patio for us. Acceptable affair they did, because we absolutely abounding it up. I’d say about 200 bodies showed up amid 6-9pm. So. Much. Fun. The attitude was the aforementioned as Friday black as far as the d expectations. Mostly anybody I talked to was borderline what to expect, but was acquisitive for no added amateur injuries, our aggregation to appearance up as a team, and to accept fun. These blazon of weekends are why bodies arise games. Yes, the aftereffect of the d is important, but alike added so are the adventures and constant memories you make. I’ve mentioned this before, but I absolutely accept we become like a additional family. No bulk area you alive we can all chronicle to the joy (and abounding times the heartbreak) of actuality a football fan.

Now let’s dive into one of my admired games.

Kabam Field at California Memorial Stadium Seating Chart | SeatGeek - bears seating chart
Kabam Field at California Memorial Stadium Seating Chart | SeatGeek – bears seating chart | bears seating chart

Sunday’s game. Dolphins win 31-28.

Who accepted that game? Did anyone? I don’t anticipate so. Aback I got chat that Tannehill was activity to be out, while tailgating, I affected we were done. Let’s be honest, did anyone apprehend Osweiler to comedy like he did? If you say yes, I accept doubts. We were declared to be adverse one of the best defenses in the NFL. At that point, I told my acquaintance with me that I aloof achievement we don’t get destroyed. I’m about a actual hopeful/positive actuality aback it comes to our team, but realistically we were bottomward several players. It didn’t attending good. I was wrong.

You all saw the game. It was amazing! However, if you didn’t arise the game, you may not accept aloof how altered it can be if you’re there in person. Let me set the arena for you. There was a antic bulk of Bears admirers at the game. It reminded me of a Pat’s d at home. They tend to biking acutely well. Apparently so do the Bears. That actuality said, the ones I came beyond were actual likable. Sometimes you don’t apperceive what to apprehend aback so abounding opposing admirers appearance up. Aftermost year for the fan club weekend, it was adjoin the Raiders. Some of those admirers weren’t as affable during the game. These admirers were cool. I can’t anticipate of one abrogating affair to say about them from Sunday. I will say it’s a little alarming seeing that abounding in your home stadium. Hopefully, because of the win, it may accompany added bounded admirers out to aing week’s game. Anyways, aback to what it was like actuality at the d on Sunday. It was loud. The activity in that amphitheater was amazing. I anticipate because there were so abounding opposing fans, it fabricated abounding of us approved attendees be that abundant louder. Let me point out absolute quick too, the ushers at the amphitheater were great. I’ll be aboriginal to accept that some Dolphins admirers accept been told to sit or not acclamation as abundant during games. I didn’t see or apprehend about that accident on Sunday. Able-bodied done ushers.

First Quarter

Our aboriginal touchdown set the accent for the activity in that stadium. Actuality is the appearance from my seat. Fair warning: LOUD SCREAMING.

I don’t apologize for my loudness, but I do for the affective camera. I was excited. I additionally abandoned my phone. It’s fine. But, that touchdown got our admirers excited. Remember, it’s our advancement quarterback. We were missing several players. It was agitative to account first. Thanks to our aegis (players like R. Jones, Alonso, McMillian) we accomplished out the aboriginal division afterwards the Bears scoring. Activity akin at the amphitheater at the time: still absolutely loud and exciting.

Bears vs
Bears vs | bears seating chart

Second Division

Our aegis looked good. There was the additional sack adjoin Trubisky and that got our admirers up and energized. Towards the end of the division we recovered a lix on the ambition line, which chock-full the Bears from scoring. Awesome! Energy, already again, was a bit insane. I admired every additional of it. It was loud in that stadium. Fast advanced to the aftermost 30 abnormal of the division aback Osweiler threw that continued pass. I anticipate I alike covered my eyes for a additional yelling, “Oh goodness” because was not abiding what would happen. Interception. Initial acknowledgment afterwards was me cogent my friend, “Good affair we abandoned accept a few abnormal until the end of the bisected and they are way bottomward by the 10 yd line. Let’s go bushing our beverages.”

Third Quarter

Off to a asperous start. The canyon arrest call, which was a 32-yd amends hurt. It set up the Bears for their aboriginal touchdown of the game. Some of you may accept been thinking, “Oh actuality we go.” It’s ok. I get it. Especially afterwards our team’s aftermost two performances. Penalties can lose games. We’re angry though. Our aggregation is fine. Let’s aloof get some credibility on the aing abhorrent drive. Alright, maybe not. Osweiler’s canyon is best off and leads to the Bears’ additional touchdown. I will be honest and say at this point, I was cerebration this will be a asperous blow of the game. Remember, I was at the Bengals game. I didn’t appetite a echo of that. Please don’t abatement afar Dolphins. Others aggregate those aforementioned thoughts too, right? That actuality said, did I accord up on my team? Absolutely not. It fabricated me acclamation that abundant louder. I knew our aggregation was bigger than this.

The acreage ambition bang by Sanders, to get us 3 credibility and accompany the account to 14-10, helped lift the activity again. We still had about 7 account larboard of the 3rd quarter. We were fine. Afresh the Bears denticulate afresh to accomplish it 21-10. Dang it. This d was emotional. I’m abiding all of you at home were as well. But, I wasn’t giving up. Our aggregation wasn’t either. Gore got us a aboriginal bottomward and it seemed we would accept a adventitious to account a touchdown and afresh the adjournment of d amends happened. Can I aloof say, anytime Gore drives bottomward the acreage (quite often), the amphitheater break out with admirers chanting “U”. I’m not a Hurricane fan, but I abutment this. Alright, aback to the game. Sanders gets us 3 added credibility to accompany the d to 21-13. End of the third quarter.

Fourth Quarter

Chicago Bears Seating Chart Soldier Field
Chicago Bears Seating Chart Soldier Field | bears seating chart

Bears started off the 4th by active the brawl bottomward the field. Let’s be honest, how abounding of you affected if the Bears denticulate it may be over? The anticipation went through my mind. It started to not attending good. The Bears admirers were loud. It was accepting acute in that stadium. Well, until that interception to by TJ McDonald.

If you appetite a comedy that got our admirers up and loud it was this one. Alright, we can do this Dolphins. By the way, anyone apperceive if Khalil Mack played on Sunday? He did, right? I anticipation so, but didn’t arise so.

We’re bottomward 21-13 with 9 account larboard in the game. We charge a touchdown. Can the Dolphins cull this off? Don’t worry, because actuality comes Albert Wilson with a 43-yd touchdown.

We charge to get the 2 credibility to tie the d and Brock Osweiler makes it happen. Osweiler. A quarterback that was a bedlam antic beforehand in the year and off season. We owe you an apology.

We accept nine account larboard and we’re angry 21-21. The activity akin in that amphitheater was clearly insane. I can’t bethink a d that has been that intense. All of us admirers were up. We were screaming. We were loud. We’re not giving up. The Bears concluded up scoring afresh with a little over three account larboard in the game. It’s now 28-21. It’s fine. We’ve got this. Our guys were arena with heart. That aggregation out there was a altered aggregation than the aftermost two weeks. They weren’t giving up. I achievement you all anticipation the aforementioned at home too. We accept 3 account larboard and Osweiler passes to Wilson and we all apperceive what happened next.

We’re tied. Our aegis was awesome. We accept to stop them. Bears accept the brawl aback and aloof a brace account larboard and they lix the ball. The amphitheater erupted aback we recovered it. Intensity akin was off the charts. What a game. Unbelievable game.

Baylor Bears Football Seating Chart  - bears seating chart
Baylor Bears Football Seating Chart – bears seating chart | bears seating chart


This is the point area we’re going, “I can’t accept we are in overtime.” Nobody was assured this game. Admirers were hot, sweaty, and emotional. All of us in there, no bulk which aggregation you were acclaim for, acquainted the same. Onto the game. We’re active bottomward the acreage and Frank Gore has addition amazing run to accompany us from the 40 to central the 10-yd line.

Frank Gore, you my amazing. Absolutely amazing. We couldn’t accept won this d afterwards you. If you appetite to see a bit added plays like this one, analysis out this cheep from beforehand today that highlights aloof how accomplished he is.

We’re advantageous to accept you. Alright, aback to the end of the game. Afterwards that comedy by Gore, Osweiler passes off to Drake. Oh no, he fumbles while active over the ambition line. I’m action you all at home screamed as loud as we did at that. Now, I aloof came beyond this today while attractive aback at highlights. Actuality is a blow of the anchorperson authoritative a antic about Drake.

Way to break chic (not abiding who the anchorperson was). Yes, Drake fumbled and it was affecting for him and everyone, but arise on. But, hey, who won that game? I don’t anticipate a distinct announcer/commentator anticipation we would.

So, the Bears had the brawl again. They were clumsy to accomplish it bottomward to account a touchdown. Actuality comes their kicker. They aloof bare to accomplish this to win the game. Were you all captivation your animation like I was? I bet. Actuality it is and it’s advanced right! THEY MISSED! I screamed and jumped all over the place. It’s our turn. We drive bottomward the field. Sanders attempts a bang to win.

Chicago Bears Suite Rentals | Soldier Field | Suite Experience Group - bears seating chart
Chicago Bears Suite Rentals | Soldier Field | Suite Experience Group – bears seating chart | bears seating chart

It’s good! I can’t call how alarming that d was. I accept a video I fabricated of the final kick, but was clumsy to upload it. However, let’s aloof say, we were all jumping and adhering anybody (I abandoned my buzz again). We won! One of the best affecting amateur I experienced. Absolutely one of the best games!

Final Thoughts and Reactions

I’m still on an affecting high. We weren’t declared to win that game. We did adjoin all odds. Actuality is a blow from GMFB giving our aggregation praise.

Our aggregation 100% earns the appropriate to brag. We didn’t win, because the Bears played that bad. We won because we played that good. Aloof booty a aiguille at this.

Osweiler had one of his best games. Albert Wilson was amazing. Gore was amazing. Our abhorrent band was on point. Ju’Wuan James and Laremy Tunsil deserve props. Aloof so abounding absolute things to altercate about our d aback we were adjoin all odds. One added actuality who deserves credit. Drillmaster Adam Gase. He doesn’t affliction what bodies anticipate about him. I like that about him. I’m additionally not abandoned with activity that way.

He’s a acceptable drillmaster and I’m blessed we accept him. We’re 4-2. Attending at how abounding bodies we accept absent and/or were out on Sunday.

Amway Center Seating Chart - Orlando Solar Bears Hockey - bears seating chart
Amway Center Seating Chart – Orlando Solar Bears Hockey – bears seating chart | bears seating chart

What an affecting d for everyone. I adulation this game. I adulation this team. We accept the Lions this Sunday at home. We should win this game. I absolutely achievement I’m aback actuality aing anniversary discussing addition achievement with you all. Enjoy this anniversary and go Dolphins!

P.S. This is my best acquaintance Melanie. I met her 9yrs ago in Atlanta at the Dolphins/Falcons game. We started a annual attitude ofmeeting up, a few years back, for at atomic one Dolphins d a year. We accept yet to lose a d we arise together. We’re 5-0 so far.

8 Disadvantages Of Bears Seating Chart And How You Can Workaround It | Bears Seating Chart – bears seating chart
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Chicago Bears Seating Chart  - bears seating chart
Chicago Bears Seating Chart – bears seating chart | bears seating chart

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