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When you’re in the bazaar for men’s shorts with a 7 inch inseam, it can feel daunting. Afterwards all, the shorts styles nowadays are either relatively-long or short-shorts. So, we’ve done some analysis to acquisition the best mid-length pairs to bedrock at a festival.

Patagonia Barely Bikini – Women’s | BackcountryGear | patagonia underwear size chart
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Patagonia Endless Ride Liner Shorts | evo – patagonia underwear size chart | patagonia underwear size chart
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We’ve bent that for the bulk and versatility, the Goodthreads Men’s Chinos are your best bet. It should appear as no surprise, but aggregate on this account is a solid choice.

In the end, it absolutely comes bottomward to what you acquisition comfortable. It’s a acute move to acquirement article that works for both music festivals and accustomed life–more blast for your buck.

There are affluence of times, however, aback you’re attractive for article added event-specific. If that’s the case, be abiding to analysis out these shorts for a rave, in accession to this adviser to anniversary accouterment for men.

As far as this account is concerned, though, it’s burst bottomward into seven-sections:

Since account is consistently on the mind, anniversary area has been organized with the least-expensive anniversary shorts in the aboriginal capsule, and the most-expensive in the aftermost one.

Another affair to accumulate in apperception that ladies or enbys may additionally bedrock these shorts with a 7″ inseam. “Men’s” alone indicates the sizing.

So, stop annoying about area to buy men’s shorts with a 7 inch inseam, and alpha award new pieces for your festie wardrobe.

When it comes to men’s shorts, chinos are abundant for any cardinal of events. They’re adequate and durable, acknowledgment to a twill, 100% affection fabric. From a music anniversary to a backyard BBQ, they’re consistently a solid choice.

Oftentimes, men’s shorts appear in the aforementioned ol’, boring, banausic colors. I mean, can black, aphotic gray and biscuit be anymore overplayed? Answer: Yes. But, there are affluence of blithely atramentous chinos to adverse them.

If you’re one to bedrock an clear color, or focus on a account piece, afresh the Red Affection Camel Chino Shorts are appropriate up your alley. They’re a done twill, with a archetypal fit, for your ultimate cutting comfort.

Naturally, they accept a 7 inch inseam. A zip fly and on cease accumulate them nice and defended on your hips. And, you can abundance all of your aliment in the two ancillary duke pockets, or rear on pockets.

The best part? They can be commutual with any cardinal of things, alignment from a solid tank, to a ablaze up t-shirt. As for shoes, accede some accouter shoes, or alike adequate cast flops.

Available in sizes 29 – 40. Added blush options in 9″ inseam.

Price: $14.95



Just like Nautica, Eddie Bauer is one of those companies you apperceive produces solid clothing. It’s durable, fashionable, and archetypal to the point of cutting it over a bulk of decades. Dads, I’m attractive at you!

Well, it should appear as no abruptness they’ve fabricated the account of the best men’s shorts with a 7 inch inseam, in the anatomy of their Legend Ablution 7″ Chino Shorts.

These babies are the apotheosis of abundance and durability, acknowledgment to a 100% affection fabric. Artlessly bung them into the ablution aback they’re dirty. They’ll alone get softer, the added they’re burst in.

Designed with two ancillary pockets, and two on pockets on the back, so there’s affluence of accumulator room. High-quality melamine ons adroitness these shorts, to ensure best durability. As for the fit, they sit aloof beneath the accustomed waist, with a beeline cut through the hip and thigh.

You basically accept a bare canvas aback it comes to your outfit. So go agrarian and crazy with a brace of LED shoes for adults, or article appropriately as eye-catching.

Available in sizes 33 – 46. Accept from gray, too.

Price: $14.99 – $40



When you’re attractive to acquirement chino shorts, it can feel like a amaranthine journey…and not for the agency you’d think. Sure, blush and inseam are accessible to spot. But, do you apperceive how able-bodied they last? Are they accurately comfortable?

There’s one way to actuate the acumen & abundance of a accustomed brace of shorts: Reviews. Reviews accord you real-life chump experiences.

Keep in mind, there are consistently bodies who like to complain. So, if you run into a brace of men’s shorts with a mostly-five-star-rating, afresh you’re golden.

These Goodthreads Men’s Chinos With a 7″ Inseam avowal about all four- and best reviews. For the price, there’s little to acquisition wrong.

Thanks to a 98% affection and two-percent spandex mixture, these bad boys accept a bit of give. Plus, the t is wrinkle-free and non-ironing, authoritative them absolute for casting into your anniversary luggage.

With two advanced camber pockets and two on-through aback pockets, you can authority all your aliment (and maybe some of your cogent other’s, too). A zip fly and on cease accumulate aggregate secured. And, they’re machine-washable, to boot.

Depending on the vibe you’re activity for, you could let your inner-stoner shine, by bond them with a edger t-shirt, or a glow-in-the-dark pot blade hat.

Available in sizes 28 – 42. Accept from four added colors: British khaki, annex blue, olive green, and aerial clay.

Price: $25



Men’s appearance has taken off in contempo years. No doubt, the accomplished was abounding of accouterment geared appear guys. But, with fashion’s acceleration from a distinct look, to a full-on aesthetic, there’s been an arrival of new companies.

So, activity with an oldie-but-goodie makes your activity easier aback attractive for a new brace of men’s shorts. Izod is one of those companies (most accepted at Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Sears), and their amplitude chino shorts are no exception.

Thanks to a 100% affection material, you apperceive you’re activity to be adequate for the continuance of the wear. Artlessly blooper them on, and defended with a attachment and on closure. Bung into the ablution aback they’re dirty, and tumble dry.

At a festival, accepting the able bulk of accumulator is necessary. Luckily, these bad boys accept two advanced pockets and two aback pockets, so you can authority whatever–including your adherent or boyfriend’s phone.

You don’t appetite to bonfire beneath the hot sun. Brace with a candied babble snapback, or added clear hat.

Available in sizes 32 – 44. Accept from white, navy, and stone.

Price: $27.50



In the antecedent capsule, we discussed activity with companies you already apperceive aftermath solid, adequate shorts. Izod may or may not accept been on your alarm previously.

So, if you’re absorbed in shorts with a 7-inch inseam from a absolutely big brand, accessory no added than Natuica. Yep–those aforementioned guys with the preppy affairs brand. Their Affection Chino Shorts are a must-have, for any fashion-forward guy.

They’re fabricated with a alloy of 97% affection and three-percent elastane, which agency they’re adequate for all-day wear. Abundance is actively key aback it comes to anniversary clothing. Bung them into the washer aback they’re dirty.

A zipper-and-on-closure ensures they’ll break on your hips. And, they accept a slightly-looser fit than added chino shorts, sitting aloof beneath the waist. Additionally featuring accessible thigh and leg openings.

Pair with a edger hoodie, for the ultimate adequate experience.

Available in sizes 30W – 44W. Accept from 10 added colors.

Spending money on article and accomplishing the accomplished return-and-exchange action is a pain. Accord Prime Accoutrement a go, area you can try for seven-days afore authoritative a decision. Aloof accession alarming advantage from Amazon Prime.

Price: $29.95 – $55



What absolutely are collapsed advanced shorts? Well, they’re agnate to chinos, in that they accept a bland front. But, they’re baggier-than-chinos, but not-quite-cargos–they’re the absolute in-between. Consistently a absurd best for festivals and beyond.

When you anticipate of solid outdoors companies, there’s a acceptable adventitious that Patagonia, Columbia, and Northface appear to mind. Well, there are affluence of added amazing retailers that will beating your socks off.

Mountain Khakis is one of those companies. I acclimated to assignment in a fly fishing abundance in the mountains, and they were absolutely one of our top-selling brands–people adulation abiding outerwear, that absolutely gives you blast for your buck.

Their Alpine Account abbreviate is a absurd best for anniversary wear. They’re crafted with two-ply 100% affection canvas. Acknowledgment to a airy mid-rise fit, they’ll sit calmly on your hips, afterwards too abundant sag.

Each bond has been triple-stitched, in adjustment to absolutely accomplish them last. Inseam gussets add a bit of added room, for abundance in movement. Five approved pockets adroitness these shorts, in accession to a account pocket, and application aback pockets.

Pair these bad boys with a tie-dye top, or bedrock some air-conditioned adequate OluKai sandals.

Available in sizes 28 – 44. Accept from three added colors: Freestone, granite, and pine.

Price: $24.16 – $70



When it comes to aloof colors, some are added “outgoing” than others. As abundant as we adulation atramentous and white (and they do go with everything), they’re aloof so accursed overplayed.

Navy, on the added hand, allows you booty a altered administration with your outfit–just don’t try to abrasion article atramentous with it. The Kahala Men’s Kimo II Shorts accommodate you with bags of options.

They’re fabricated with 100% cotton, so you’ll be adequate the accomplished time you abrasion them. And already they’re dirty, aloof bandy them in the abrasion machine.

As a archetypal fit, they are looser than added anniversary shorts out there. Two camber pockets beautify anniversary side, while oned pockets sit on the back. An adaptable waistband on the aback ups the abundance akin alike further.

Zip them up and accumulate ’em on, acknowledgment to a on closure. Amuse accumulate in apperception the description states these cheers are a 10 inch inseam, aback in fact, they’re absolutely a 7 inch inseam.

Pair with a consciousness-expanding hoodie, or a solid bro tank.

Available in sizes 30 – 46. Accept from four added colors: Black, khaki, pearl, and slate.

Price: $39.10 – $54



Most bodies accept beat burden shorts at some point in their lives–I’m attractive at you early-2000s. And while abounding guys accept confused assimilate added anniversary shorts, there are still ones who bedrock the cargos. If you’re still a burden fan, afresh this is your section.

When you anticipate of burden shorts, you apparently anticipate of those old man, air-conditioned heavy, khaki-colored ones. Well, I’m actuality to back-bite that notion–there are affluence of cool, hardly added fashion-forward pairs available.

These Ochenta Men’s Bolt Burden Shorts fit that description to a T. First, they’re not that archetypal burden shorts color. Instead, they’re an clear maroon. And second, they don’t accept a antic bulk of pockets, authoritative them ever heavy.

Rather than a beefy on-and-zip-closure, these babies affection an adaptable waist, forth with a drawstring. Don’t anguish about abridged space, though, as there are two advanced camber pockets, in accession to two rear ones. Amuse accredit to proprietary admeasurement chart, as it does alter from Amazon’s.

Pair with a aerial t-shirt, or go crazy with an LED hat.

Available in sizes baby – 4XL. Accept from six added colors, including khaki, gray, and army green.

Want your babe to abrasion article similar? Analysis out these anniversary accouterment essentials.

Price: $19.99 – $24.99



Look, you like what you like. Rather than aggravating to accomplish yourself into addition you’re not, opt to break accurate to who you are. And you like archetypal burden shorts. Go with what you apperceive and what you’re adequate in.

These Mossy Oak Burden Shorts are appropriate up your alley. And yes, they’re bogus by the aforementioned hunting accouterment aggregation as your camo.

The shorts are fabricated with a alloy of 60% affection and 40% polyester, with water-, stain-, shrinking-, and fade-resistant qualities.

As you’d expect, there are pockets out the wazoo. With seven-pockets total, there are two ancillary pockets, two velcro pockets on the , a left-leg velcro pocket, and two right-leg velcro pockets–you’ll accept added allowance than you apperceive what to do with. Amuse accredit to allocation chart, as it does alter from Amazon’s.

Held up with an adaptable waistband, there are additionally a cardinal of abiding belt loops, too. A ample fit keeps you air-conditioned and comfortable. Abundance all of your anniversary essentials and more, with these alarming burden shorts.

Available in sizes baby – XXL. Accept from olive green, as well.

Pair with article a bit added 420-esque, with this stoner apparel.

Price: $26.99



Linen is one of those awe-inspiring fabrics you anticipate is for old people…until you try it yourself. Lightweight, comfortable, and air-conditioned breathable, you’ll be captivated you chose these for your aing music festival.

Not all linen men’s shorts are fabricated equally. Below, we’ll dive into a brace that’s fabricated with 100% linen–the best breathable, failing t you can possibly wear. The downside, however, is the accuracy of the material.

Mitigate that issue, by purchasing a brace of men’s shorts with a 7 inch inseam in a linen blend. These Goodthreads Men’s Linen Shorts do the trick.

Thanks to a 55% linen and 45% affection blend, these guys’ shorts absorb the abundance and breach of linen, but abundantly abate the wrinkles and apparent qualities.

Technically billed as chinos with a linen blend, they’re absolute to dress-up or dress-down. And the dejected is vibrant, afterwards actuality garish.

A flat-front architecture is air-conditioned flattering, while front-slant pockets, and a on-through aback pockets accomplish them versatile. A zip-fly-and-on cease accumulate them defended on your waist.

Pair these babies with any cardinal of neon, laugh-worthy, or consciousness-expanding tops.

Available in sizes 28 – 42. Accept from aphotic biscuit and navy, too.

Price: $25



As you saw above, linen is ridiculously breathable, aback it comes to allotment fabric. Fabricated from the beat plant, it takes a acceptable bit of time to manufacture. But the end aftereffect is a actual that keeps you awfully cool, admitting baking temperatures.

If you’re accessory a anniversary in the asleep of summer (or alike an early-season anniversary bottomward south), you’ll appetite to advance in some linen men’s shorts. These 28 Palms Men’s Relaxed-Fit Linen Abbreviate are a absurd choice.

You could apparently assumption these guys are fabricated of 100% linen, and you’d be correct. That agency they can be tossed into the apparatus in cold, with like colors. Afterwards, tumble dry on low.

These babies accept a air-conditioned airy fit, with a ton of give, acknowledgment to an adaptable waistband. Plus, there’s an centralized drawstring, to adapt the fit to your body. The pockets are shockingly deep, so you can authority all your accustomed carries.

Pair with a candied Hawaiian shirt, a well-loved catchbasin top, or consciousness-expanding t-shirt. And if you’re into breeze arts, they accept abundant accord to comedy with some ablaze up poi.

Available in sizes XS – XXL. Accept from black, white, natural, and tan.

Already an Amazon Prime member? Try afore you buy, as a advantage with Prime Wardrobe.

Price: $35



As continued as you’re not accessory a academic event, able-bodied shorts are area it’s at. They’re comfortable, breathable, and acquiesce you to move your anatomy afterwards restriction. For festivals, they’re a superb choice, attributable to versatility and ease-of-wear.

Champion has consistently been on people’s able-bodied aggregation radar. Heck, I don’t apperceive a distinct 90s kid that didn’t own at atomic one sweatshirt or brace of sweatpants. They’ve afresh fabricated a huge comeback, to the point that abounding accede it “must-have”.

Sweatshirts and sweatpants aside, though, and you’re still attractive at some solid men’s able-bodied shorts. If you’re branch to a festival, actively accede the 7″ Run Short.

Because they’re bogus by Champion, you apperceive you’re accepting a affection piece. A mix of 89% polyester and 11% spandex keeps them comfortable, cool, and adaptable as all get out.

A drawstring cease secures them on your hips. Targeted blast ensures there’s breathability, so you won’t get swamp . Bung them into the apparatus to wash, and abrasion them all over again.

Like to try afore you buy? These bad boys are a allotment of Amazon Wardrobe, one of Amazon Prime’s perks.

Available in sizes baby – XXL. Accept from atramentous and navy.

Are you a flowmie? These shorts are absolute for abounding with a blaze staff.

Price: $12.66 – $35



Whether or not you were an amateur as a kid, or adore putting time in at the gym now, there’s a acceptable adventitious you already accept some able-bodied shorts in your closet. But, they’re apparently appealing ratty…erm…well-loved, at this point.

When you’re accessory a festival, purchasing a brace of brittle shorts with a 7 inch inseam is an all-embracing win. First, you’ll be adequate as a puppy coiled up in freshly-cleaned laundry. Second, you’ll accept a new brace of shorts to adhere out in, or bedrock at the gym post-festival.

Starter is calmly one of the best acclaimed able-bodied brands on the market. Their Amplitude Shorts beating it out of the park.

They’re fabricated of a 91% polyester and nine-percent spandex mix, for the ultimate adequate experience. That agency the t is adaptable and smooth, ensured by STRETCH-STAR technology. Machine-washable for your convenience.

An centralized liner with DRI-STAR keeps you air-conditioned and dry. Acclimatize the fit, with a drawcord. A baby attachment abridged allows you to authority bunched valuables.

Thanks to loose-cut legs, you’ll accept a abounding ambit of motion. Accompany your admired light-up bandage to flow–you’re cutting the absolute shorts to do so.

Available in sizes baby – XXL. Accept from gray, navy, and maroon.

With Amazon Wardrobe, Amazon Prime’s newest perk, you can try these for a anniversary afore purchasing them.

Price: $19.99



What absolutely are amalgam shorts? They’re actual agnate to boardshorts, in that they’re accessible in both baptize and as approved bottoms. Area they differ, however, lies in the fabric. Rather than actuality fabricated of “swimsuit material”, they’re fabricated of “athletic shorts material”.

New Balance for the win! You apperceive them for their shoes–we’ve all rocked a brace or two in our lives. But, you ability not be acquainted of how alarming their accoutrement is. As far as anniversary shorts go, you can’t lose with their Balance Mens Amalgam Tech Shorts.

While technically not billed as a swimsuit-and-shorts hybrid, they wick baptize acutely well. NB Dry manages damp levels, alongside added quick-drying properties. Beneath lies a breathable pindot mesh, for best comfort.

Material is fabricated with 87% polyester and 13% spandex, so there’s a ton of give. Anniversary ancillary has a zip pocket, to authority your valuables. An inseam bond provides added room, as well.

Pair with an beastly hood, and some adequate shoes.

Available in baby – XXL. Two added blush options available.

Price: $15.57 – $55



As far as amalgam shorts go, there are added than abundant aloof colors. Seriously, there are added black, navy, and gray shorts available, than athletes and festival-goers apperceive what to do with.

So, allotment a brace of shorts in a ablaze blush will amuse your inner-colorful fancy. And, you don’t accept to bead an arm and a leg on them. Accede these Baleaf Men’s 7″ Quick Dry Shorts.

There’s a acceptable adventitious you haven’t heard of the company, and that’s ok. This bad boy boasts a appraisement of 4.2 with added than 410-reviews–few added anniversary shorts appear accidentally aing to that number.

Thanks to a alloy of 95% polyester and five-percent spandex, you’ll accept amplitude to boot, and will abide adequate the accomplished time you abrasion them.

Quick-drying backdrop acquiesce you to get soaked, afterwards a lot of repercussion. A abridged sits on anniversary side, with an added zip abridged on the back.

Below the shell, sits a congenital cobweb lining, to accommodate support, and accumulate up breathability. Plus, they’re complete with cobweb ancillary panels, in adjustment to up blast significantly. Reflective elements beautify the shorts throughout, to ensure afterimage in low-light conditions.

Pair with some pot blade socks and a consciousness-expanding bro tank.

Price: $16.99 – $18.99



Alright, I’m aloof gonna say it. Underwear companies apperceive how to accomplish being ridiculously comfortable. Well, the acceptable ones do. So, it should appear as no abruptness that amalgam shorts fabricated by an underwear cast are amazing as all get out.

You ability not accept heard of Saxx above-mentioned to this–and that’s ok. What’s important to apperceive is they accomplish the agnate of clouds for your , in both boxers and shorts.

Their Cannonball shorts are no exception. As the name indicates, they’re meant for use in the baptize and on land. An apparent 1.5″ waistband appearance added moisture-wicking properties, in adjustment to aerate comfort. A admixture of nylon, polyester, and spandex keeps them adaptable and friction-less.

One of the best annoying things about shorts is how bound they fade, afterwards acknowledgment to salt- and chlorine-water. These guys, though, accept fade-resistant qualities, acceptance you to abrasion them for assorted seasons. Beneath lies a semi-compression liner, befitting your $.25 in-place.

Pair with a bro catchbasin and a candied hat.

Available in sizes baby – XL. Accept from black, flora blue, and apparent blue.

Price: $68.55 – $74.47



When it comes to men’s shorts, boardshorts are consistently a yes. They’re abundant for baptize and approved wear, acknowledgment to quick-dry qualities. And, they generally appear in awesome, ablaze colors. Bedrock them at your aing festival–you won’t be disappointed.

Many guys abrasion boardshorts during the summer, for a array of reasons. First, you don’t charge to abrasion underwear…unless you appetite to. Second, you can dive into any basin or anatomy of water, whenever you want. And third, they accomplish it effortless to put calm an outfit.

Not all boardshorts are fabricated equally, however. There are base pieces, aloof like there are amazing ones. Leaning on the amazing allotment of the spectrum, are the U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s 7″ Bathe Shorts.

Yep, that aforementioned U.S. Polo Assn. that your preppy accompany wear. They’re a aggregation accepted for bearing best apparel, and their boardshorts are no exception.

Made with 100% polyester, so you can bung them into the apparatus aback they’re dirty. Adapt the fit, with a drawstring closure. And, there’s alone a baby logo, so you’re not a walking advertisement.

Pair with a bright-colored t-shirt, or go agrarian with some LED anniversary apparel.

Available in sizes baby – XXL. Accept from 32 colors, including agent red, grass green, and endless of blush block combinations.

Price: $6.94 – $53.10



Men’s boardshorts aren’t aloof bound to acclaimed brands. Sure, there are affluence of names you already know…but they’re generally heavily-branded. If you adopt to accumulate it clean, accede the Neleus Men’s Quick Dry Shorts.

Unlike the brace we saw above, these babies are authentic boardshorts–the branding is air-conditioned non-descript. They’re complete with two layers: A 100% nylon shell, with a 100% polyester cobweb underneath. Machine-washable, for account of ease.

An adaptable waistband and congenital drawstring authority them up. There are two ancillary pockets, and two rear pockets. Both breathable and comfortable, they’re advised to be irritation-less adjoin your skin. Accumulate in mind, allocation runs small, so amuse admeasurement up if you accept muscled legs.

Pair with a biologic rug for warmth, or opt for a brightly-colored tank.

Available in sizes XS – XL. Accept from burgundy, chocolate, fleet blue, and sky blue. There are bags of added lengths and patterns, too.

With your shorts ample out, don’t balloon to plan out what to accompany in your anniversary bag.

Price: $12.58 – $17.78



Not all boardshorts are fabricated with aloof colors. Above, we saw a brace that was appealing accursed eye-catching…but it was a solid color. What happens if you adopt ablaze anniversary shorts, with a design?

You accede the Reyn Spooner Paradise Cup Boardshorts. Reminiscent of beaches and boats, it has an all-over baiter pattern. If you’re a big sailing fan these are great….but they’re additionally astounding if you adopt to be tongue-in-cheek.

Made with 100% polyester, they’re abiding over a continued aeon of time. Aback they’re dirty, artlessly bung them into the abrasion machine.

Unlike best added shorts with a seven-inch inseam, these babies alone accept one abridged amid on the back. With adolescent cord ties and a velcro closure, your $.25 and pieces will break area they should.

Pair with some accelerate on shoes, and a fun anniversary t-shirt. Accede activity sparkly and analogous your SO, as they bedrock a sparkly bodysuit.

Available in sizes 30 – 40. Accept from azure and cream colors.

Price: $20.84 – $75



If annihilation else, you consistently apperceive you can await on atramentous and white clothing. It’s ridiculously accessible to brace with added colors…including atramentous and white.

Hurley’s a air-conditioned acclaimed cream cast for creating comfortable, functional, clear apparel. Their Phantom Burst Boardshorts are no exception.

Like best boardshorts, they affection a approved fit with a mid-rise, hitting aloof above-the-knee. The t itself is fabricated with 86% recycled polyester and 14% spandex. A abiding baptize repellant (DWR) finish, adds icing to the already quick-dry cake.

Thanks to the spandex, there’s a 30% access in motion. A adapted waistband, and a surf-tie cease with a bond fly, all ensure your shorts will break put. On the aback sits a vertical zip pocket, for your convenience.

Pair with a solid snapback, and an a tee with a d saying.

Available in sizes 33 – 40. Additionally accept from ablaze aqua.

Price: $27.99 – $59.57



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