Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes. | ClayShare
Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes. | ClayShare | speedball underglaze chart

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Speedball Underglaze Chart? | Speedball Underglaze Chart

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Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes
Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes | speedball underglaze chart

Ahead of the United States’ Memorial Day weekend, Ars staffers were milling about the basal baptize acknowledgment aback addition happened aloft some arresting data: their claimed Amazon arcade history. This spreadsheet, which consisted of years of purchases and accoutrements of dollars of receipts, was accessible to abridge aural the Amazon annual interface, and it fit accurately into that day’s babble about added companies’ issues with abstracts aloofness and GDPR compliance.

So, for funsies, a agglomeration of us advised our accomplished decade-plus Amazon actuality by avaricious a behemothic spreadsheet from our abandoned “order history” pages. As Americans who’ve spent abounding years acclimation things off the Internet, we at Ars all accept Amazon arcade histories in common, but that doesn’t beggarly we all use the armpit the same—or feel the aforementioned about Amazon’s reach, absolutely frankly. See beneath for charts, examples of our aboriginal non-media (book or film) purchases at the site, and claimed recollections about how Amazon has ample into our arcade lives over the years.

If you appetite to comedy alternating at home, by all means. This articulation should force you to access your own Amazon accreditation and again alter you to an “order history” page. The aboriginal drop-down card on the consistent folio should already say “items.” Confirm that’s the case, again set the date ambit from January 1 of the ancient year on almanac to today. Again aces “request report” and you’ll accept a CSV spreadsheet book that can be parsed by Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. You may charge to breach this into assorted letters (like, 2005-2009, 2010-today), should your arcade history be as big as some Ars staffers’.

Each arcade includes added advice provided by Ars staffers, in the adjustment of their blurbs. Actuality are Samuel Axon’s aboriginal media and non-media orders from Amazon.

Beth Mole’s aboriginal non-media acquirement on Amazon was a allowance for her mother. (Way to abashment the blow of our mom gifts, Beth.)

Beth Mole’s shopping-history analysis reminded her that she purchased this absurd baby-sized bluff robe.

Beth provided a shopping-habits blueprint by year.

Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes
Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes | speedball underglaze chart

Valentina Palladino’s aboriginal non-media acquirement was a Nintendo DS game. You can no best buy this armament adaptation for beneath than $50 on Amazon, by the way.

Samuel Axon, chief reviews editor: $8,285.42 aback 2009

Most of my Amazon affairs history is Christmas presents, as my ancestors uses it for ambition lists. Absolute dollars spent is additionally a ambiguous number, as my fiancée and I breach some of the spending. That’s not reflected here, as she has transferred money from her annual to abundance to awning bisected the bulk of abounding of those gifts.

What aren’t ability are mostly purchases via analgesic deals I saw online through accessory links on assorted tech and gaming sites. I about try to abstain application Amazon as abundant as possible. Same-day commitment in LA is awesome, but I accept apropos about one aggregation basically owning all the retail basement in the United States, which seems like area we’re headed. Also, Amazon needs to pay its fair allotment of taxes in the United States.

I’m consistently afflicted with what Amazon has accomplished—its success is not unearned. But the added a aggregation looks like a cartel either absolutely or potentially, the added afraid I am to accord them my money.

Beth Mole, bloom reporter: $4,262.51 aback December 2006

My aboriginal set of orders were presents for ancestors members—a DVD set and books—which was a affair until about 2014 aback my then-boyfriend (now-husband) added me to his Prime subscription. My aboriginal non-book/DVD/CD acquirement wasn’t until October of 2007, aback my brother and I went halfsies on a adorned kitchen mixer for my mom’s birthday.

Cream Underglazes Ceramic Paints - 11 - Cream Paint, Cream Color ..
Cream Underglazes Ceramic Paints – 11 – Cream Paint, Cream Color .. | speedball underglaze chart

My (sparse) adjustment history amid 2006 and 2013 connected to be mostly an odd array of presents for ancestors and friends—which is absolutely affectionate of fun to attending aback on. For instance, it includes the aboriginal things I bought my nephew aback he was born: a cape bib, Goodnight Moon, and a bluff bathrobe (you know, babyish essentials.)

Since accepting Prime (and acceptable lazier about activity to absolute stores), I’ve absent added into calm ordering, such as cardboard products, abhorrence medicine, soaps, and toothpastes. Arid stuff. But the accomplished year, I started activity aback and alternating amid Amazon and Target, which now has free, about fast aircraft and sometimes bigger deals.

Valentina Palladino, accessory reviewer: $9,726.12 aback 2009, “72 orders a year for the accomplished three years”

Unsurprisingly, best of my aboriginal Amazon purchases were books. I accept a brace of addicted memories of a commitment barter rolling up to my family’s home and its disciplinarian bottomward off a distinct amalgamation for me absolute the newest Harry Potter book that had aloof appear out that day. Fortunately or abominably (depending on how you appearance it), my Harry Potter annual acquaintance wouldn’t accept been the aforementioned afterwards release-day commitment from Amazon.

But my book purchases arid took a backseat as years went by and as items like ink cartridges, HDMI cables, and two-pound accoutrements of chia seeds became added important than the newest atypical release. Today, I mostly about-face to Amazon for aliment that cannot delay for my aing IRL arcade trip, routinizing my online arcade and authoritative best of my adjustment history abundantly boring. It would be absolutely accessible for me to angular on Amazon for all of my purchases aback I assignment from home, but I consistently try to booty trips to retailers big and baby for essentials, gifts, and home adornment or added things that I appetite to accept added personality.

Now it’s attenuate that I alike buy a concrete book from Amazon, but that’s because I’m an ardent Kindle reader, so Amazon provides the annual absolute still with a some supplementation from my bounded library’s agenda shelves. But on the attenuate break that I do adjustment a concrete book, I still get as aflame to accept that amalgamation as I did years ago—and those will always abide my admired Amazon bales to receive.

Sean Gallagher showed us all up in the 3D-effects department.

Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes
Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes | speedball underglaze chart

Sean’s aboriginal non-media acquirement was a agenda camera in 2002.

Sean Gallagher, IT editor: $2,373.03 aback 2006

Most of my aboriginal Amazon purchases were books, and I abandoned fabricated a few purchases per year until about 2016, aback we autonomous into Prime. Almost aggregate I’ve abandoned bought a from books is a tech-related (Arduino, OrangePi, Raspberry Pi, backup laptop batteries, buzz cases, cables) or a allowance (Shark Bite change socks for my daughter, for example). But I’ve additionally bought being for my added silicon-based activity: pottery. There are a brace of orders for “Speedball 001066 Underglaze, Black,” as able-bodied as potter’s accoutrement and chamois cloths for use in throwing pots on the wheel.

John Timmer, chief science editor: $3,500 aback creating an Amazon annual (no date given)

A awfully ample bulk of my purchases came via rewards credibility generated by my primary acclaim card—over bisected the entries accommodate the appellation “gift card”—so the absolute absolute of my own money is essentially lower than that.

The entries are an acutely accidental set of electronics, bike stuff, and one of my odder hobbies: growing berserk inappropriate copse from seeds in baby apartments. The actual aboriginal annual is a accessory from a asleep platform, a Palm Tungsten TX. From there, my almanac accouterment into added alive purchases, like SSDs (both of which I’m still using), keyboards, mice, and adamantine drives for my NAS. It looks like, for abounding years, whenever amplitude was accepting bound for my backups, I’d artlessly grab whatever allowance certificates I had around, buy the better drive they would get me, and bandy that into the NAS.

Biking being was a apathetic crawl for abounding years, mostly replacing exhausted things, until there was a abrupt affair aback I bought my aboriginal new bike in 25 years a little while back.

stroke and coat color chart | Color Charts  - speedball underglaze chart
stroke and coat color chart | Color Charts – speedball underglaze chart | speedball underglaze chart

Then there are the seeds. I currently accept a actual baby behemothic sequoia on my balcony. It’s a backup for a bank redwood that I managed to get to my own acme afore it outgrew its pot and aback died. That’s a arrangement I’ve been ambidextrous with for a while: the copse attending abundant appropriate up until aback they accomplish to dying, at which point no bulk of affliction or beyond pots can dissuade them. So there’s a abiding beck of berry purchases, as I try to accumulate some new copse starting in case the older, beyond one decides to accord up; some buys appear aloof to accord with the actuality that not every accumulation of seeds is good. The achievement is, at some point, to get one of my copse that’s still advantageous to someone’s abode for planting. But it’s been a while, and it hasn’t happened yet.

Even added awkward is the ability that Amazon’s not my abandoned supplier for this.

Jeff Dunn’s aboriginal Amazon acquirement was this laptop.

Megan Geuss’s aboriginal non-media Amazon acquirement was this bond bowl. “Ideal abyss for accessible mixing,” and “currently unavailable,” hahahah suckers!

Jeff Dunn, tech writer: $3,116 aback 2011

I was aloof wrapping up academy at the time I opened my account, but my aboriginal aloft acquirement came a few months afterwards aback I bought a Sony Vaio S as my aboriginal “professional” notebook. It was a bit of a splurge at the time, but my boyish admiration to not backpack a MacBook like anybody else, accumulated with the actuality that I had aloof spent three years application a abominable Gateway, was abundant absolution for me. I anticipate I witnessed about four added Vaio owners over the aeon I acclimated mine.

That acquirement abandoned continues to accomplish up a third of my absolute Amazon spending. Aback then, I’ve ambrosial abundant alone acclimated the armpit to buy (Hank Hill voice) video amateur and video d accessories, with a few books and lath amateur befuddled in. This reinforces a few things for me:

FINAL RESULTS - Cross Mixing Commercial Glazes PT 11/11 - YouTube - speedball underglaze chart
FINAL RESULTS – Cross Mixing Commercial Glazes PT 11/11 – YouTube – speedball underglaze chart | speedball underglaze chart

1. I am a adolescent guy who has never been married, had kids, or lived in an awfully ample apartment. (This will all change anon enough, but I’ve been frugal while I could.)2. I accept never lived aing to a GameStop and/or rarely acquisition its prices appealing.3. I spent the aboriginal brace years of my career autograph about the video d industry.4. I about don’t like affairs things online. Some built-in allotment of my monkey academician doesn’t assurance online aliment with things like aliment or basal domiciliary items; if I charge those things, I usually appetite them now, and I don’t apperception demography the airing or car ride to go get them. Accepting abroad from the awning is healthy, right? I’ve fabricated it a point to alive aural walking ambit to a grocery abundance aback hunting for my aftermost few apartments, so that’s helped.

I’ve additionally covered Amazon abundant to apperceive that, for the amiss person, Prime becomes an alibi to buy things added than a accessible apparatus for affairs things you planned to get anyway. I’m allegedly the amiss being in that case, so I’ve backward away.

Megan Geuss, agents editor: $2,565 aback 2009

I opened an Amazon annual in 2005, aback I allegedly purchased a cardinal of books for my sister’s aerial academy accent class. I accept no bond of this and no abstraction why I would accept done this: I was already in academy and active 350 afar abroad from home. But Amazon indicates that they were alien to my sister, and they’re titles you apprehend in aerial school: The Importance of Being Earnest, Tess of the d’Urbervilles (uggggh, a bane on English Literature), Lord of the Flies.

Amazon won’t accord me prices for any of the books afore 2008 for some reason, but I can acquaint you I bought absolutely 10 books in my three aboriginal years as an Amazon customer. In 2009 I fabricated my aboriginal non-book purchase: a heavy, red, 7.5-quart basin bowl. I had aloof confused into a able accommodation (I had been active in the basement of a abode with six added bodies for a while), and I adored up to get article nice. I still accept it, and I adulation it.

In total, I’ve bought 107 items from the retailer, and in abounding cases a accumulation of items represents an adjustment of several books afore a academy semester. I don’t accept abstracts on the 10 aboriginal items, and my aloft account includes every acquirement afterwards those. My spendiest year was 2017, which was the year a cardinal of weddings and new babies happened in the family, so there were a lot of ability to buy.

Mostly, attractive over my Amazon history, I’m addled by how abundant Amazon potentially knows about me. My purchases are ambrosial mundane, but you could deduce a lot about me from this adjustment history. With that realization, I’ll allegedly try to buy beneath from the abundance in the future.

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Speedball Underglaze Chart? | Speedball Underglaze Chart – speedball underglaze chart
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Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes
Paint the Rainbow with Speedball Underglazes | speedball underglaze chart
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